At your service


Multinational Immigration Canada specializes in the field of immigration and Canadian citizenship and offers you its professional and personalized expertise from the moment of analysis and acceptance of your preliminary assessment to the granting of your immigration status.

Cabinet MIC is also committed to informing you about the regulations adopted under the immigration laws in force as well as the different immigration categories applicable in your case, all through a professional, transparent and confidential process.

Our services offered include:

  1. A one-on-one meeting and an evaluation of your file to determine precisely which immigration category applies in your case.
  2. Recommendations regarding the supporting documents to be provided for the processing of your immigration application.
  3. Review of all required immigration forms.
  4. Personalized assembly and management of your file throughout the immigration process.
  5. Contacts and continuous follow-up of your file with embassies, consulates and immigration services in order to obtain a selection interview.
  6. Adequate, complete and personalized preparation for candidates who must pass a selection interview.
  7. During a prospecting trip and/or upon the arrival of landed immigrants, we offer them facilities regarding their stay, including housing, obtaining a health insurance card, social insurance card and driver's license.
  8. At the client's request, we proceed with the necessary steps to obtain Canadian citizenship.

More than 20 years at your service