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The privilege of studying in Canada

According to the United Nations, Canada's education system is considered among the best in the world. That's why the number of international students in Canada exceeds 300,000 students and that number is growing. Thanks to its privileged and world-renowned universities, its health and safety system, its internationally superior quality of life and the employment opportunities (both during and after the period of study), international students choose Canada.

The right to work during and after studies in Canada

One of the main advantages for students in Canada is that graduates have access to a work permit during and after the period of study. Indeed, at the end of their studies, the post-graduation work permit allows people who have studied in Canada to stay and work under an open work permit for a maximum of three years, which promotes their integration into Canadian society and gives them the chance to acquire valuable Quebec or Canadian work experience that can facilitate their access to permanent residence.

The possibility of transition from student to permanent resident status

Canada wants international students who complete their studies in Canada to become part of the next generation of permanent residents in Canada. Two programs offer this opportunity to international students. First, is the Canadian Experience Class, a program that allows those who have studied or worked in Canada to immigrate to Canada permanently. Second, the Quebec Experience Program (PEQ) allows those who have studied or worked in Quebec to immigrate to Canada permanently.

Advice and services offered by our immigration firm to prospective students in Canada

Multinational Immigration Canada's team is committed to assisting you in a professional manner in all the steps to be taken to obtain your Canadian visa status, starting with educational orientation, school registration with universities and other French and English Canadian educational institutions, Quebec City Certificate of Acceptance, study permit, work permit, permanent residence and Canadian citizenship. At the client's request, our team also offers assistance in Canada (airport pick-up, assistance with housing rental, health insurance, etc.).

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